Jump-starting the Global Economy in a Post Covid-19 phase

In March 2020, B20 Saudi Arabia established an initiative to address the impact of COVID-19 on the business world. Yousef Al Benyan, B20 Chair, announced the initiative and pledged to engage partners and the global business community to determine what businesses and governments need to do going forward to support public health, ensure business continuity and to plan for a path to recovery.

As the voice of the business community to the G20, B20 Saudi Arabia is uniquely positioned to identify solutions that address business continuity measures, help initiate global economic recovery, while ensuring public health is kept front and center.

B20 believes in ‘Action through Collaboration’ to solve global challenges. For this initiative, B20 reached out to global business leaders, stakeholders and international policy makers to determine how best to collaborate and get consensus from the business world on how governments can better support the private sector during the crisis, protect the economy and prepare for future crises.

The B20 also hosted a virtual summit in April 2020, entitled “Reviving Business for a New Normal,” to hear from leaders in business and public health.

B20 Special Report (To access the full report click here)