Energy, Sustainability
& Climate

Building sustainable economies for a rapidly growing world

Climate change is a reality we cannot escape from. With the “point of no return” coming closer, governments and the private sector need to work hand in hand to bring to life the energy transition, to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources and to further increase energy efficiency. Only a concerted effort across sectors can help curtail climate change in the long run.

The most pressing challenges revolve around reducing carbon emissions, making the most of limited resources, and advancing the energy transition – all the while fostering sustainable economic growth.

In addition to climate change, humans are consuming natural resources at a rate many times faster than the regenerative capacity of the Earth. Compounding the problem is the millions of tonnes of waste that humans generate every day, much of which ends up in the natural environment, adding to the already toxic air, water and land resources.

Governments and the private sector, alongwith other stakeholders, need to transit to circular economy, that puts more emphasis on nature-based solutions, improving resource efficiency, reducing waste and increasing recycling of materials. Economic growth and sustainable development can be further accelerated by mainstreaming circular economic principles across sectors of the economy, contributing the tackling climate change.

The taskforce on Energy, Sustainability & Climate deals with key questions related to energy efficiency, clean energy, the sustainable use of natural resources and climate action.


Image of Mohammad Abunayyan


Mohammad Abunayyan

Mohammad Abunayyan is the Chairman of the International Company for Water and Power Projects, which focuses on the development, operations, and maintenance of projects involved in the production of water and electricity (ACWA Power). He is also the Chairman of Vision Invest, a leader in the privatization of state-owned utilities and assets in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Chairman of DUSSUR, a Saudi Arabian government company that manages investment in the Industrial Manufacturing sector.

Mr Abunayyan is chairman and member of the boards of several private and public shareholders companies, including the Founding Board of the NEOM Industrial City, the Local Content and Government Procurement Authority, the B20 Executive Committee, and the Higher Education Fund. He recently accepted a nomination from the President of South Africa to serve on his Presidential Advisory Council on Investment.

He has also participated in several international conferences related to power and water.