Future of Work &

Training for a dynamic global workforce

With the digital transformation, urbanization and globalization in full gear, the world is changing at a rapid pace. This has direct effects on the labor market: while certain jobs are lost forever, new ones are invented. While demand for some skills shrinks, demand for other skills rises.

To continue the fight against unemployment, increase labor force participation and provide quality education, sustained and focused initiatives will be necessary. Large parts of the workforce will have to undergo reskilling and education systems may need to shift their focus.

The Future of Work & Education taskforce seeks to develop recommendations to improve the parameters for more and better employment, to provide adequate work conditions and to prepare the labor force for the challenges ahead.


Image of Dr. Ilham Mansour Al-Dakheel


Dr. Ilham Mansour Al-Dakheel

Dr. Ilham Mansour Al-Dakheel is the CEO of Dur Alkuttab, an educational company established in 2016, following a strategic alliance between the Higher Education Fund of the Ministry of Education and Mulkia Investment Company. She is a seasoned leader with more than 25 years of experience in diverse fields, including greenfield projects, acquisitions, expansion, training, management and operations restructuring, building manpower capacity, and local and international JV arrangements.

Dr. Ilham established the IMD Consultancy Firm and has been its CEO since 2013. Prior to this role, she held key leadership positions in several companies, including AlRaeda Company and Asrary Est. She has also worked as Director of IPA, a government institution responsible for training government employees.

Dr. Al-Dakheel education is a unique combination of science (pre-med) and management in three sectors: business, education and health; MA and PhD from Ohio State University, the US, and BS from St. Thomas University, Houston, the US.