Integrity & Compliance

Fostering responsible business
conduct in a globalized world

For companies across the globe, responsible business conduct has become a key value and principle, putting integrity as one of the priorities on their agenda. This includes the protection of human and labor rights, environmental protection, consumer protection and the fight against corruption.

Not only does it build a healthy company culture and business environment, it has also become the foundation for an open investment environment and thus, for economic growth and international trade.

The Integrity & Compliance taskforce aims to advance the global anti-corruption agenda, touching upon key topics such as regulatory compliance, transparency and high standards of ethics and integrity.


Image of Mathad Al-ajmi


Mathad Al-ajmi

Mathad Al-ajmi is Vice president and General Counsel at Saudi Telecommunication Company (STC). He is a certified lawyer and has more than 18 years of experience in the legal domain. He has expertise in compliance, trade remedies, and economic sanctions, among others.

Mr. Al-ajmi joined SABIC in 2001 and last held the position of General Manager, Legal Affairs, at the company. During his tenure at SABIC, Mr. Al-ajmi focused on increasing the awareness of legal and compliance matters globally. He played a key role in formulating policies and conducting compliance investigations in several countries around the world.

He is a board member of several entities that focus on promoting compliance such as the Pearl Initiative.