Welcome to B20 Saudi Arabia 2020!

This is a very special year for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are the first Arab country to host the G20 and B20 Summit. The Kingdom is committed to delivering an impactful and differentiated B20 and ensure that the voice of the global business community is recognized and addressed by G20 Leaders. B20 Saudi Arabia’s agenda will be based on three strong pillars:

  • Being Inclusive by ensuring B20 is open and transparent to a diverse set of backgrounds across industries, business sizes and, geographies.
  • Being Impactful by developing common positions on our key priorities with support of very strong international network partners and an early emphasis on advocacy.
  • Being Differentiated by making ‘Women in Business’ a central theme for B20 for the first time to ensure that economic progress is tied to gender equality and shared opportunities.

Our signature topic for B20 – 2020 is ‘Women in Business’. It is advocated through a dedicated Action Council for ‘Women in Business’ – a first of its kind initiative committed to gender equality and increasing women’s participation in business, especially in leadership positions, globally.